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Singleton Classes for the Course Project

Objective: Write the Singleton classes for the course project in Java or C++.
For the simulation you will need
  1. Need to create a clock that can be shared between the different classes. This is not a real-time clock but a simulated clock. There should only be one so that time is the same across the classes.
    Time class
    Time class

    This Clock or Time class should have a single int field called currentTime which is initialized to zero. Provide a getter method that returns the value of the field, but no corresponding setter method.
  2. Add a field called endOfTime which will store the number of seconds the clock is to run. Set this field in the constructor.
  3. Provide a run() method that increments the value of the currentTime attribute by 1 until it reaches the value of endOfTime. In other words, the run() method counts from the initial value of seconds up to the end of the simulation.
Write this Clock class as a Singleton.
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